5 Simple (And FREE) Newsletter Marketing Trends To Follow In 2018 + Checklist

5 Simple (And FREE) Newsletter Marketing Trends To Follow In 2018 + Checklist

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I'm not one to follow trends in general, but when it comes to newsletter marketing trends, I'm all aboard. The list below is simple, fun, and will engage your audience in a new and exhilarating way. Read on to see a list of easy-to-implement updates to your newsletter campaign, and leave a comment below one trend you're planning on implementing in 2018. 

1: Instagram In Your Emails

What Snapchat started, Instagram has improved and taken over. Stories are one of 2018's social media trend for business and so it's no surprise incorporating them into your newsletter is a fun way to stay engaged with your audience. 

Because Instagram stories are only available for 24-hours, you can't technically add them to your newsletter, but rest assure you can still share your story.  

Here's how. 

1. Create a story on Instagram
2. Save it to your camera roll on your phone
3. Share it as a normal Instagram post
4. Get the embed code for this post through Instagram.com on your desktop
5. Embed that code in your newsletter and/or website. 

If you're thinking Instagram stories are a whole notha’ beast, you're right. While it's a great deal of fun and is most effective for your business, it can also get a bit overwhelming having to run a business and document it at the same time. 

But if you're eager to jump on this "trend" that is bound to stick around, I recommend you check out Alex Beadon's Instagram for inspiration, tips, and tricks. She's authentic, helpful, and I can't get enough of her content. Neither can 23K of her closest followers. 

Below: the official cat of icatsurf, Nosey Frustaci. 

2: Segmented Lists

Personalization is BIG in 2018 and segmented lists are a form of easy-to-implement personalization. When segmenting your list, you’re taking into account, within your list structure, what your audience wants to read about. It’s really just about dividing your list into smaller groups, and essentially building a cliquey email list - but the good kind, of course.

There are a bunch of ways you can segment your list. Age, location, gender, industry, pass email opens, or the group of animals you'd prefer to hang out with. 

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You know your list better than anyone else, so with a bit of digging, you’ll be able to gage how to split it up based on the content you regularly send.

I use Mailchimp and they have an easy-to-follow guide on using segments.

Ask your newsletter provider if they can do the same for you

3. Sticky Content

Not that kind of sticky, where your precious child spills grape juice all over the counter (and her outfit) five minutes before you're heading out the door. I’m talking about the type of sticky that gets folks sticking around on your website and newsletter. Kinda like your hand to the counter, if you really think about it.

Essentially, sticky is a synonym for “value”. When you provide value to your reader, they will stick around. Mind blown!

My sticky content strategy is to provide expert advise with a dash of personal story and humor. I like to make people smile and hopefully giggle while providing them with valuable information.

Other forms of sticky content include:

  • unexpected twists (I set out to do this, but then THIS happened!)

  • Emotional connections

  • personal stories that resonate with your audience

  • expert advice

  • whatever gets your audience excited

Please note that what sticks for one audience may not stick for another. See segmenting tips above as you build your newsletter strategy.

4. Mobile Mobile Mobile! Said in a Jan Brady Voice

Your newsletter design and delivery should be responsive and easy-to-read on mobile devices. This includes phones and tablets. This seems fairly obvious but it’s easy to forget when you’re doing a million other things for your business. 

I’ve used Mailchimp and GetResponse and both offer the ability to test mobile styles and review your email before sending.  

 It is extra work but it’s worth the effort, especially since 68% of people open their emails on mobile. (Source: MarketingLand)

5. Live + Interactive Participating  

Polls and quizzes have always been engaging, but now the technology allows results to show up immediately. How 2018! 

For instance, if you're a Yoga instructor and sends out weekly newsletters about new class schedules, a simple poll may be "What is your favorite pose to reduce stress?" 

Your audience will LOVE answering this question, and better yet, they'll love to see what others have said as well.  

Most software will cost you, but Qzzr.com offers a free trial and PollEverywhere.com is free for up to 25 responses. I’m all about testing to see results, analyzing how important it is to you and your business goals, and taking it from there.

 “Nah. I’m cool with the 2017 trend of simple surveys." - You. 

Great! Your newsletter provider likely has polls and surveys integrated into the software, and if you’d like to spruce it up, tools like SurveyMonkey are free.

If you employ even one of these newsletter marketing trends this year, you're on the road towards engaging with your audience on a more personal level. And that's always a good thing. 

Ready to send your newsletter? Not so fast! 

First, download the Newsletter Campaign Pre-Launch Checklist by clicking the image below. No email necessary! 

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