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Hi, I'm Diana. 

I am a content strategist, a writer, and a worksheet warrior.

I’ve never met a checklist I didn’t love.

My passion is helping female entrepreneurs discover their voice, create with confidence, and build their business on their own terms.

Are you ready to be free and create the business of your dreams?  

Awesome. I’m here to help you.

I’ve been working in digital marketing practically my entire life. And by that I mean I have been obsessed with all things internet since "You've Got Mail" was the most popular slogan in America.

Aside from my person time working on AOL (chat rooms, specifically), I’ve worked with brands such as IBM, Geico, and Kodak before branching out and starting my own business.

Working an an advertising agency in the heart of New York City had its perks but I always had an itch to work from my laptop, anywhere in the world.

My husband, Vincent, had the same dream and together we launched ICatSurf.  

It hasn't always been easy, but nothing ever is. Today, I'm delighted to say we've accomplished our dream...and so can YOU!